WVAC aims to bring together veterinarians from all over the world to share experiences and knowledge in the fields of veterinary medicine. The most important themes of the 38th Conference of the World Veterinary Association are clinical veterinary treatment, general veterinary health, and its effects on all areas of work and life, of which veterinary medicine is not an exception, so a significant area was produced within the conference. The conference is an opportunity to introduce the SA community and school students to veterinary medicine and its importance. This association mission is to Develop veterinary medical capabilities and confirm the role of the veterinarian in educating the community and protecting human and animal health by combating all epidemics and common diseases, ensuring the health and safety of food of animal origin, sustaining animal resources to achieve food security, protecting environmental diversity and animal welfare, assisting government agencies in providing The best veterinary cadres and global practices that achieve the country’s strategy.

By joining this congress, there will be a rich opportunity to communicate to decision makers, project developers, businesses, researchers and financers the significant technological advances. We offer a range of sponsorship packages tailored to meet your marketing objectives.

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